My First Coachella Experience

Coachella gained national popularity in 2011. It was getting more and more traction and in 2010 it blew up. 2011, was a whole other story. The first time I went to the amazing coachella music festival was in 2010. The year before my friends had gone and didn’t buy a ticket until they got there at the ticketing office.. yeah you heard that right! They were able to go up to the entrance and just buy a ticket straight up. No never-ending waiting on the internet for the pre-sales.

Anyways, since they had all bought their tickets that way I decided to do the same since I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go. Little did I know that Coachella was about to blow up. A few months before the concert the tickets were sold out and everyone was scrambling to buy tickets off of craigslist and aquaintances.

I bought mine from a friend of a friend. I get to Coachella to scan my ticket and guess what…. the friend of a friend had printed out the same ticket 6 times and sold them to 6 other people… for $400 each. He obviously made a killing, made sure to be at Coachella extra early to scan his original ticket and scammed us all.

I ended up paying the guy at the exit $50 to let us ride in through the exit in his golf cart. It was a great trip but I learned my lesson.

Here are some glorious photos from Coachella 2010.